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Yoda, one of our rescued Squirrels

Well, my name is Bob Galivan. I live in Miami, Florida, and I am a cheese fanatic. To put it mildly. I’ve always liked cheese, but in 2004, three events lit a fire that burns so very brightly today! First, my wife and I visited Napa/Sonoma. While there, we had the good fortune to have a friend familiar with the area lay out some wine-tasting activities for us, starting with a “nose” seminar at J Phelps Winery. That was a real eye-opener. During the weekend, we visited a number of wineries, and – the first seminal event – found a cheese show built inside an old wine vat, where we spent about an hour doing a cheese tasting of local cheeses.

Getting back to Miami, I looked around for a wine class to further my knowledge of wine. The tastings we went to were wonderful, and – since they were mostly Merlot – changed my opinion of that lowly wine. I found a class through Societa Dante Aligheri in Miami that I still attend. In addition to learning a lot about wines, the instructor also brought in a variety of very interesting cheeses. That was strike two. Finally, my wife and I visited Paris, and the Loire valley. That was the last straw, as the cheeses there were endlessly fascinating.

On coming back to Miami, I undertook to continue my education in wine, but more importantly, in cheese. I’ve attended the GREAT Cheese Boot Camp offered at Murray’s in New York (TWICE!), plus classes with Max McCalman, the ultimate cheese guru. Over the past few years, I have been devouring (ha ha) any and every reference on cheese that I can find, as well as tasting as many cheeses I could get my mouth on!

I find that writing about cheeses in this venue, and in my Examiner columns (Gables Wine Paring and Miami Cheese), as well as teaching cheese classes occasionally through the Dante, force me to explore this wonderful world in even more depth. I hope that you enjoy my postings about cheese and wine as much as I enjoy writing them!

And, if you’re wondering why there’s a squirrel in the photo, one of our “sidelines” in addition to my full time career as a Realtor, is rescuing squirrels! That’s a photo of Yoda, one of our most recent successes!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Julianna said

    Dear Bob,
    I would like to extend our event to you and your readers. Please read below for details:

    Attention whisky enthusiasts and novices: Macallan will be hosting a free guided tasting of its whisky in Miami this week.
    The tastings, to be held on Wednesday, March 24th and Thursday, March 25th, are part of the Celebrate The Macallan series where brand ambassadors travel around the country educating people about the The Macallan Single Malt.

    The tastings will be hosted by The Macallan’s East Coast Brand Ambassador Graeme Russell, who will speak about a range of whiskies including the Macallan 12, 15, 17 and 18. He’ll also demonstrate the Macallan Ice Ball Press that forms a perfect sphere of ice on the spot. The special ice is meant to cool the dram slowly and evenly.

    As guests sip each whisky they will be encouraged to tweet what they taste by including the hashtag #Macallan in their Twitter posts. Macallan fans can follow Graeme on twitter at @livingthedram.

    The tastings will be held at 6:30pm and 8:30pm on March 24th and 25th at eVenue, located at 2585 NW 21st Terrace in Miami. RSVPs are a must.

    For more information and to secure your spot visit Guests must be over 21 years of age.

    Have a great day,


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